"Good architecture is unique."

  Office & warehouse building, Reinach (Canton Aargau), Study contract, 2015

Laboratory for specialized gastrointestinal pathology, Allschwil (Canton Basel-Country) Laboratories and offices, 2015

Detached house Panoramaweg, Nottwil LU, 2014

  Office & Lab building, Lausanne (Canton Vaud), 2014

  Multi-family house, Kloten (Canton Zurich), 2014

  Residential & commercial building, Goldau (Canton Schwyz), 2014

  Nursing home Rorschach, Rorschach (Canton St. Gallen), project competition in invitation procedure, 2013

synlab Suisse SA, Lucerne, interior design, 2013

  Restaurant Militärgarten, Lucerne, complete refurbishment, 2012

TEAM Marketing AG Alpenstrasse, Lucerne LU, conversion, 2011

  Apartment Zugerstrasse, Unterägeri (Canton Zug), conversion and renovation, 2011

  Seehotel Wilerbad, Wilen (Canton Obwalden), hotel extension with wellness facility, feasibility study, 2009

FutureLAB Schweiz, Lucerne, office conversion and interior design, 2009

  Seehotel Waldstätterhof, Brunnen (Canton Schwyz), Panorama restaurant, 2009

Half-Timber House, Neuenhof (Canton Aargau), conversion and renovation, 2009

  Office & Lab building, Kriens (Canton Lucerne), 1st price study competition, 2008

  Seehotel Waldstätterhof, Brunnen (Canton Schwyz), hotel extension with restoration and wellness facility, 2008

Residence Hotel, Weggis (Canton Lucerne), project development, zone map amendment, 2007

  Seehotel Waldstätterhof, Brunnen (Canton Schwyz), 3D model, digital inventory of building, 2006

  Villa Kreuzmattwald, Kastanienbaum (Canton Lucerne), conversion and interior design, 2006

  Hotel Krone, Sarnen (Canton Obwalden), conversion and renovation, 2006

  Loft Moosmattstrasse, Lucerne, conversion, 2006

Holiday home Haldenweg, Sörenberg (Canton Lucerne), conversion and redesign, 2006

Foot Locker Basel, residential and office building, Steinenvorstadt, Basel, conversion, 2006

  Residential & office building Brandschenkestrasse, Zurich, 3D model, digital inventory of building, 2005

  Foot Locker Luzern, Weggisgasse, Lucerne, conversion, 2005

  Multi-family house Baumgarten, Egolzwil (Canton Lucerne), 2005

Multi-family house Bleumattstrasse, Büron (Canton Lucerne), project, 2005

Housing estate Dorfstrasse, Udligenswil(Canton Lucerne), feasibility study, 2005

Detached house Meggenhornstrasse, Meggen (Canton Lucerne), 2005

Semi-detached houses Landschaustrasse, Lucerne, 2005

Lidl Market Switzerland, shopping centres, Wädenswil (Canton Zurich), Regensdorf (Canton Zurich), Döttingen (Canton Aargau), 2005

Lidl Market Switzerland, shopping centres, Emmen (Canton Lucerne), Sursee (Canton Lucerne), Littau (Canton Lucerne), 2004

Villa Bruchmattstrasse, Lucerne, extension/design of the surrounding area, 2004

Detached houses St. Niklausenstrasse, Kastanienbaum (Canton Lucerne), 2004

  Villa Spissenstrasse, Kastanienbaum (Canton Lucerne), 2004

  Titlisblick housing estate, Hochdorf (Canton Lucerne), 2002

Multi-family house Spyristrasse, St. Gallen, 2002

Housing estate Mittlerfildern, Ebikon (Canton Lucerne), 2002

  Housing estate Alpenstrasse, Hochdorf (Canton Lucerne), 2002

Detached house Habsburgerstrasse, Meggen (Canton Lucerne), 2002

Residential & office building Birkenmatte, Rotkreuz (Canton Zug), 2002

  Factory building Buzibachstrasse 49, Rothenburg (Canton Lucerne), conversion and redesign, 2001

Apartment Meggenhornstrasse, Meggen (Canton Lucerne), conversion and redesign, 2000

  Villa with indoor swimming pool Oberrüti-Allee, Horw (Canton Lucerne), 2000

Messe Basel, Swiss exhibition centre, commissioned study on exhibition hall usage, 2000

Factory hall and office building, PAK 4, Slovenia, 1998

Glasshouse at gardening shop Adligenwilerstrasse,Ebikon, (Canton Lucerne), 1997

Bruchareal sports ground, Lucerne, study, 1995

UBS AG Schwanenplatz 3, Lucerne, conversion and renovation, 1992

Rank School, Ebikon (Canton Lucerne), 2nd prize in the project competition, 1990

  Housing estate Hirtenhofstrasse, Lucerne, 1st prize in the project competition, 1988

  Höchweid retirement and nursing home, Ebikon (Canton Lucerne), first prize in the project competition, 1988

Housing estate Baumgartenstrasse, Egerkingen (Canton Solothurn), 1988

Factory building Automaten Meyer AG, Littau (Canton Lucerne), 1988

Terraced flat Riedweg, Meggen (Canton Lucerne), interior conversion, 1987

Housing estate Zimmereggwald, Littau (Canton Lucerne), 1st prize in the project competition,1986